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Hologram labels

What Are the Major Impact of Hologram Labels

In general, the major thing about making use of the holographic labels is that it could not able to be removed or taken off when the adhesive on the stickers would set in. You can utilize the most effective Hologram labels to secure your items and increment their deceivability and support offers. Even though it has tampered, sure there may be certain visible damage would occur in an enhanced manner. You can likewise be using them to validate records or different things. It will come off as a single process in case tampering has been restored.

How Hologram Labels are unique?

The professional researchers from the various associations as of late added a security hologram to their validation labels, for instance. Holographic security labels frequently show up on the labels appended to things, for example, official sportswear, and they are totally real. Moreover, a few corner stores and comfort stores use them to secure and confirm their unmanned card users or Point of Service terminals. There are sure ways that can assist with recognizing genuine labels from the phony ones. Clear holographic stickers can be utilized as seals or bundle terminations. In that capacity, it is almost difficult to make frauds of these stickers.

Most experienced process:

Be that as it may, you most likely need content, designs, or sequential numbers printed over the holographic foil. Notwithstanding that, they can be approved effectively just as fast. The Hologram labels can be powerful when switch printed with the required color of black and white, leaving the holographic foil to appear through the content or the open spaces in the designs. It is one more element known as inkjet printing assists with including separate years or dates, or numerical outcome. This technique may likewise build content coherence. It is perfect for items that have some sort of termination date.

At your own artwork

Holography is the science of producing holograms; it is an advanced form of photography that allows an image to be recorded in a special way.

We provide holography printing service for hologram labels with reasonable price, order hologram labels now for your products, secured tickets,  membership card or VIP card!

Hologram labels price

From only 290!    


SIZE 500 1,000 5,000 10,000 20,000 50,000 100,000

Ordinary Hologram labels

1.5cm x 1.5cm £290 £300 £360 £420 £490 £630 £850
2cm x 2cm £290 £310 £390 £460 £560 £740 £970
2.5cm x 2.5cm £290 £320 £420 £495 £630 £860 £1090
3cm x 3cm £295 £330 £452 £618 £898 £1347 £1548
4cm x 4cm £300 £351 £523 £665 £1011 £1565 £1740
5cm x 5cm £320 £362 £563 £732 £1215 £2035 £2436

Dynamic Hologram labels

1.5cm x 1.5cm £380 £400 £490 £630 £790 £990 £1280
2cm x 2cm £380 £420 £550 £730 £920 £1160 £1490
2.5cm x 2.5cm £380 £440 £599 £830 £1050 £1330 £1680
3cm x 3cm £390 £440 £615 £927 £1448 £2117 £2331
4cm x 4cm £400 £476 £738 £1055 £1661 £2453 £2673
5cm x 5cm £420 £498 £803 £1227 £2025 £3146 £3755
Ordinary hologram labels Dynamic hologram labels

  •  The hologram labels can have up to 3 different layers (artwork please put different layers in different colour).

  •  The ordinary hologram labels will show different shining colours when looking from different angels.

  • The dynamic hologram labels have an additional dynamic effect which look like moving around when turning. 

  •  The labels can be tamper evident for secure usage (self destroyed when peeling off).

  • Click here to see sample hologram artworks.

  •  The background colour will be either silver or gold.

  •  If you want to use a special background colour, 490 extra.

  • Turnaround time 10-14 working days.

  • All prices are exclusive of VAT.

  • Other type or amount, please click here to get free quote.

Ordering steps:    
1. Select type and amount in the above table by clicking the price.
2. Upload your own artwork and place your order.
3. Online secure payment (or pay by cheque, postal order or bank transfer).
4. Waiting for products' arrival. Click here to see shipping details.

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