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Non-woven bags - Litho Printed with lamination

Non-woven bags, of all varieties all recyclable saving you lots of money and ADVERTISING your Company, Schools, Clubs, Pubs, Shops, Supermarkets, Outlets, Parties, Social Outings the list is endless.

So many uses for the Extra Strong, Durable, Light weight, with great advertising images, printed in high quality so your message is Loud and Clear!

The BAGS come in many different exciting styles, colours, different size handles, with your logos or message clearly printed on for MAXIMUM MARKETING EFFECTS!

With E-PRINTING PRICES as low as ever, and great quality why not get your AD BAG ORDER IN TODAY!

  • Material: Choice of 80gsm or 100gsm Non-woven fabric
  • Process: Litho print with lamination
  • Reinforced sewn handles
  • Turnaround Time: 7-10 working days


80gsm Non-woven bags
Type/Amount 500 1000 3000 5000 10000 30000 50000
25*20*10cm 4506261,3651,9443,49610,14316,330
30*40*10cm 4767021,5752,2804,14012,07519,550
42*36*20cm 5367781,7852,6764,89914,35222,770
44*32*20cm 5418131,8433,0125,54315,93925,990
33*28*20cm 5367501,7482,7965,12914,69723,920
45*40*10cm 5658611,9373,1685,61216,14626,335
40*35*10cm 5658481,9373,1685,61216,14626,335
45*35*10cm 5909102,1023,4446,48618,07828,980

100gsm Non-woven bags
Type/Amount 500 1000 3000 5000 10000 30000 50000
25*20*10cm 4767021,5752,2804,14012,07519,550
30*40*10cm 5017641,7482,6164,89914,35222,770
42*36*20cm 5418401,8793,0125,54315,93925,990
44*32*20cm 5668752,0093,2886,18717,87128,635
33*28*20cm 5418261,8793,0725,77316,62926,565
45*40*10cm 5909372,1023,4446,48618.07828.980
40*35*10cm 5909232,1023,4446,48618.07828,980
45*35*10cm 6149862,2683,5657,01520,70032,200

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