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Metal Business Cards | Stunning Business and Corporate, VIP Metal Cards

These metal business card are chemically etched through the electrolyte from electroplating. The metal cards could be then screen printed with spot colours, the added advantage then of being to apply signature strips, numbering and barcodes. The gold cards are gilded with 18K-24K gold surface processing. The E-printing service is considered to be the best place for purchasing all kinds of metal business card printing product such as Metal VIP Membership Card, Stunning metal cards, metal VIP cards many more. It is one of the best online portals that help us to purchase the business card this service need with the best quality and less price. These metal business cards are chemically etched using electrolytes through the process of electroplating and screen printed with spot colours allowing us to the ability to apply signature strips, numbering and barcodes. The gold cards are gold painted with 18K-24K gold surface processing. The metal business cards have an enormous contact on the success of your company even in this digital era. It is because they are one of the cost-effective marketing tools to enhance your business to the next level. One of the most outstanding ways to obtain more attraction from possible customers & clients is to create an attractive commerce card. Your metal business cards design and symbol must have a good color combination in order to grasp more charm. Your business card must be graceful and proficient to develop your brand or product. Looking for most admirable online site to obtain high quality metal business card? If so we are right solution. All our metal cards are chemically imprinted by means of electrolytes through the procedure of electroplating. They are screen printed which authorize you to make numbering, signature strips and barcodes. We have numerous years of knowledge in this field. We sell different types of metal business cards only at an affordable price. We are one of the most important printing companies. The main position of a business card is to allocate contact information with someone quickly. For instance, when you meet up a probable customer or partner, you can provide your company card to anyone to call or email you at any time.

The Metal Cards of Silver foil or gold foil

These metal business card services are worldwide delivery on all cards. It is pure metal and can be silver, black or gold. The gold colour is created with 24K gold gilded for that stunning effect and fully customisable shapes catered to all artwork. It is aluminium prepared in thin metal leaves, with a thickness less than 0.2 mm (0.0079 in). The Foil metal is very thin and it can be applied on top of the plastic cards with a hot stamping machine in pre-made shapes. These E-printing services are a leading printing company and a supplier of low cost and great quality metal business cards, membership cards, VIP cards etc.

Custom shape and images on these metal card, worldwide delivery.      

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Options 100 200 300 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 3,000

Basic card
169 278 359  465 735 1,048 1,290  1,880
£18 £25 £33  £42 £69 £98 £118  £139
Barcode £18 £26 £36 £45 £78 £109 £136 £188

Signature strip
£18 £26 £36 £45 £78 £109 £136 £188

1 Colour
free free free free free free free free

2 Colour
£12 £19 £25 £35 £49 £68 £88 £99

3 Colour
£18 £25 £33 £42 £69 £98 £108 £129

4 Colour
£22 £29 £39 £53 £79 £116 £138 £159

These metal cards are pure metal and can be silver or gold.
Gold colour is by 24K gold gilded, stunning looks!
Fully custom shape and artwork.
Colour inside the logo or texts available.
Size 86*54mm, weight 10-15g each.
Turnaround time 10-12 working days.  
Other type or amount metal cards, please click here to get free quota.



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