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Please read before submitting your hologram request.

We can provide several different types of holograms. You need to decide on the hologram type that you need. In order to quote you and produce the artwork proof, please read the available options:

1. Ordinary: (The hologram reflects the full light spectrum, like oil in the sunlight and is produced on a sticker label)
2. Dynamic: (The hologram reflects the full light spectrum and has movement ‘3D effect’ and is produced on a sticker label)

Optional Extra for the hologram labels:
You may have the holograms with a tamper evident feature that only allows the label to be applied once. When peeled off the hologram disintegrates, making it impossible to re-apply to another surface.
We can also produce the hologram labels on a roll rather than a sheet, please specify this if you need a quote on the extra cost.

Artwork Guidelines:
1. Ordinary: up to 3 layers of artwork
2. Dynamic: up to 3 layers of artwork, plus a dynamic background
3. Your artwork should be submitted in separate layers, each layer should be a different colour so we can clearly show you this on the digital proof.
4. We will offer a free design service for you, if you do not know how to do the artwork.

Note: There is a common misconception that the holograms are printed. With Hologram production the process is done by laser to create the images within the hologram.

Hologram artwork samples:

Hologram artwork

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