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Business card design trends 2017

2017 Design Trends for Business Cards

Marketing and design are both continuously evolving disciplines. As new technology comes along it often brings with it new trends, designs and styles.  

In this social media era, have you even looked at your business card recently? is it up to date with your current brand guidelines? If not, it could be time to start thinking  about a new design.


When you start a new business card design there is a lot to consider from colors to fonts, and even the material it is eventually printed on. Many designs come down to what is currently trending in design to show your clients that your company is up to date.

Here are some of the top business card trends we are seeing for 2017.


Die Cut Cards

Custom Shaped Cards, or Die Cut Cards, are consistently one of the most requested from clients. Creating a unique card shape that fits their business or product is immediately eye-catching, and will stick in a client's mind longer than a traditional business card.


Clear Business Cards with Semi Opaque Colour

One of the most popular features available  plastic cards that is not available on paper cards is the option to print on a clear plastic card surface. Our clients love having the ability to print a slight hint color while keeping the transparent card effect.


Embossed Cards

Printed on luxury paper or plastic, embossed cards are complete with raised letters and numbers. These cards are the next level in elegance and class.


Debossed Cards

Like embossed cards only in reverse with your details impressed deep into the card to create a unique high class business card.

Metal Business Cards

The ultimate in VIP business cards for CEOs and business owners. Made from solid stainless steel our 0.3mm flexible, hard-wearing metal business cards are guarenteed to be an impressive talking point.

Metallic Plastic Business Cards

A great alternative to our metal cards, printing a metallic finish on plastic cards has many benefits. Not only are they excellent value for money, they won't set off Airport metal detectors for the well travelled business person.


Foil Business Cards 

Highlight your details or company's logo with a little sparkle using metallic foil accents on your cards.  Guaranteed to get a second look from your prospects and customers, the latest trend is to incorporate multiple foil colours on a single card.


Spot UV

Similar to foiled card, highlight important details with a clear Spot UV gloss, when you move the card around, the light will catch the gloss finish making it shine. 


Frosted Business Cards

Like clear business cards, our frosted plastic business cards are eye-catching with a semi transparent card look. A silky-smooth and luxurious texture, which brings your business cards to the next level.


Matte Finish

Available on a wide range of products, classic matte-textured finish screams prestige. People will want to hold on to your card a bit longer just to feel that texture.


With a specialist design team on hand, let us  guide you through your options  for a bespoke business card thats perfect for you.

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