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Is there still a place for paper and print in marketing

Is there still a place for paper and print in marketing?

Printed communications still hold a place in our hearts, despite the fact that we live in a digital world.

The integration of print and digital has been proven to increase response rates and an integrated campaign can help ensure that messages are received across multiple channels.  For marketers and designers, the challenge is to find the critical balance of digital and printed mediums, which effectively maximises the impact of their campaigns


In an increasingly digital world, printed and digital communications complement each other, and one should not be seen as a replacement for the other. Incorporating printed materials into the mix can maximise a campaign’s impact.

The paper element can be used in many different ways. For example, it can push people online, via bridging technologies such as QR codes and augmented reality applications, or it can be used to reinforce messages from digital media. 

Introducing direct mail to an integrated campaign can raise the campaigns effectiveness by up to 62 per cent.

While the world is going digital; paper is a vital component in communicating a brand message, add to that different printing technologies and you have a very powerful tool. Nothing quite puts your brand in the consumer’s hand like print.

Paper and print is a very tactile and eye-catching medium, which opens up an incredible range of opportunities for designers and marketers that wish to create beautiful, multi-sensory pieces of work.

People often forget, because it’s been with us for such a long time, that print, especially the book, is a technology — a piece of equipment created to perform a task. And if the last 50 years have told us anything it’s that technology is there to improve things, and offer new and alternative ways of doing them. But it’s exactly that — an alternative.

A world without print would be a pretty dull place! Print is still a vital part of the marketing mix and helps to provide a real world point of context for many campaigns that would otherwise exist only online. The role of print may be different to the part it has traditionally played in communications, but it’s clear that it still has an important place.

The reality is analogue and digital don’t live in competition, they’re different beasts. It’s not this or that, one or the other, they are just two different technologies — they are two different tools at your disposal. And your job as a designer is to pick the right tools for the right job.


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