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Plastic Card Printing - Design tips

Plastic Card Printing - Design Tips

Plastic business cards are a great investment for the long term. Although they may cost a little more than paper types to produce, it's one cost where you can recoup the benefits.

The durable nature of plastic means you probably won't need to print as many, as clients are more likely to keep them, and they won't need replacing as often.

By creating a favourable, lasting impression with these cards, you may even see your profits rise as a consequence.

Printing branded plastic cards? Make the back count

Whether you're getting some membership cards, cloakroom tags, loyalty cards or key tags printed, don't miss out on the branding opportunity presented on the back.

With E-Printing our plastic card printing includes reverse of the card as standard.

So when you're thinking about your design, here are a few ways to really make the back count.

Cloakroom Tags

branding, a disclaimer and even sponsorship

The back of your Cloakroom Tags is the perfect place for your disclaimer and Ts and Cs, but also for a message in your brand's distinctive tone of voice,"If you've got this ticket, we've still got your stuff.”Or uses the back as a sponsorship opportunity. Perfect partnership.

Membership Cards 

Fixture lists, sponsorship and member benefits

There's loads of ways to maximise the opportunity presented by the back of your membership cards. We have a number of clubs that print their fixtures on the reverse or promote other club facilities.

It's also prime advertising space. Offer it up to the right sponsor, and you could cover the cost of the cards, and enhance your own brand image at the same time.Think about relevant local partners or national brands that would be interested in the profile of your membership, or even brands that you sell internally that may want extra promotion (for example food or drink providers).

You can also remind members of the benefits or discounts available to them.

Hotel key cards

There's loads you can do here. Promote other services available in the hotel like your spa or restaurant, raise awareness of special offers or give discounts on a repeat booking. Include checkout times, useful numbers and other guest information. You could also use it to remind guests of opening/checkout or breakfast times.

Loyalty cards

Discounts, offers relating to the loyalty scheme are all ideally placed on the back so you don't have to mess up the branding and design on the front. 

Put your social media buttons on there too. You could include a guest message encouraging card holders to call to book or pre-order.


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