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I-Loyalty smart card handset

All in one hand-held loyalty system with RFID cards.



You can order your Hand held i-Loyalty system today and immediately reap the benefits from your loyalty reward scheme!

Anyone that has the following demand can use the i-Loyalty handset.

•     Issuing points systems and redeem
•     Issuing pre top-up cards and consume
•     Issuing gift cards
•     Issuing secured tickets/stationery
•     Issuing staff cards to have attendance recoded

No PC or network needed, you can issue your point cards, or pre-paid cards/tickets directly in store or on the event.

Forget expensive & complex systems! By having the i-Loyalty handset, you can launch the following loyalty schemes within 10 minutes to ensure your i-Loyalty SUCCESS!

1.Buy a pre-paid card and save up to 20%
2.Use your points card and enjoy a 6th coffee free
3.Use your meal card to buy dinner/stationery
4.Buy a gift here and send to your girlfriend
5.Save 20% on pre-paid card, and a free 6th car wash
6.Pre PAY is the only WAY!
7.Spend and save your points on your loyalty card
8.Earn Points for FREE REWARDS
9.Earn points for every you spend
10.Use your loyalty card as a voucher and save up to 10%

We all love reward schemes so by advertising your new i-Loyalty Service it’s bound to get your customers buzzing with excitement!

Buy now and have 25 cards and a smart table mount FOR FREE!

We all love bargains so by advertising your new I Loyalty Service is bound to get your customers buzzing with excitement! 
I-Loyalty Technical Specifications:
Operating frequency: 13.56MHz
Response speed: < 0.1s
Reading distance: < 5cm
Transmission rate: 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200bps
Communication: Micro USB
Power: 3.3v Lithium battery
Working environment: -10 to 50 degrees centigrade

Download user manual 

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