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Magnetic strip (lo-co, hi-co, guideline)

Hi-co VS Lo-co

Coercivity is a measurement of the amount of energy it takes to change the polarity of a magnetic field. Since information on magnetic strips is stored as a pattern of positive or negative magnetic fields, coercivity also becomes a measure of how long an ID Card’s magnetic stripe can retain the information that has been encoded within it.

Oersteads (Oe) are the units used to measure coercivity. Low coercivity is defined as 0-300 Oe. High coercivity is 300-3000 Oe. Hi-Co ID badges are actually encoded at a level of 2750 Oe.

Because it takes a stronger magnet to change its unique pattern of magnetic fields, information stored within a hi-co magnetic strip will not be degraded as quickly as information stored on a low-co magnetic strip.

In other words: hi-co ID cards work longer than lo-co ID cards. Of course, they also cost more.

Basic plastic cards

Basic plastic cards

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